Project Proposal

My FMP Idea

In the months leading up to the FMP, I had three ideas that I was interested in making.

Idea Number 1

The Princes Trust

A short documentary idea that I had was on the Princes Trust, a charity that has helped me out in the past. I feel like I enjoy making documentaries more than fictional works so this was an idea I really wanted to develop. I had the opportunity to make this, however, during my documentary module so I then was left with a choice between my other two ideas.

Idea Number 2

The Windswept Man

When I first moved to Liverpool, four years ago, I saw a unique street performer on the High Street in the City Centre. I went hope and found his Facebook page along with a few articles about him and how he ended up performing in Liverpool when he is originally from South America. This was an idea I was extremely interested in pursuing, however I was unable to get in contact with him in time to fully develop the film into what I wanted it to be.


Idea Number 3

Untitled Surreal Short

My final idea was for a horror icon, in the vain of Freddy Krueger, who exists in the real world and has just had his latest film in the franchise released. He is socially awkward and depressed as his film has been poorly received by the public. The short film would focus on an encounter he has in a shop with the employees and the public who have all seen hit latest film, and hated it.

This is the idea that I have ultimately decided to pick because it is the most plausible out of the three and it is quite ambitious so it should be a challenge to film.