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Production Day Two

Unfortunately, the second day of filming didn’t go as well as the first. We were scheduled to meet and begin filming at 9:30am however we couldn’t find a crew member who could begin filming at this time. On short notice, we found someone who could start filming at 11:30am so already we had lost 2 hours of filming time which I found very alarming.

One of our actors was then delayed so we didn’t actually begin filming until 1pm. Thankfully my crew was extremely co-operative so we were able to film most of what we needed in this time. In the rush, I did forget to film some pivotal shots so it is going to be a challenge now to see how I can recover from these missing shots.

I did catch a bit of luck when filming because we had a spare camera and tripod so this allowed us to have two set ups for dialogue scenes and saved a lot of the time that we had lost earlier in the day.

To make sure I don’t have another day like this again, I’m going to assure that I have enough crew members and have people ready as potential back ups if anyone drops out.

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