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Editing – 1st Rough Cut Feedback

After assembling an extremely rough cut of my film, I called my tutor for advice on what I should look to improve when tightening it. In all honesty, I really wasn’t happy with my film and I had lost passion for the project so at this time I felt in a really bad place.

After watching it through once, we both agreed that it felt slow and like it was lacking something. We discussed various different ways we could improve this, tightening cut times, adding more angles, using more coverage, but in the end we decided to experiment and switch the order of the film.

The opening studio scene would now act as the end and the scene in the canteen would open the film. I made an edit as quickly as I could with this new order and just watching it through the first time, it made a lot more sense already.

Everything fell into place perfectly and it really surprised me that I hadn’t seen the structural enhancement that this decision would have earlier. The end line “Yeah, you’re done” now takes on a new meaning and adds a final theme and closure to the film that I desperately needed.

My plan now is to tighten what I have and then record the necessary audio and ADR before compiling my final edit.

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