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Production Day One

On the first day of filming, we had the editing suite booked from 9:30am until 1pm and I only had 7 different camera set-ups in this short sequence so I was confident that all the shots could be obtained in this time.

We had a slight problem right at the start of the day because the entire class was called together for a quick briefing so this affected my start time. The tutors understood the dilemma and let us go quite early so we went to collect the equipment. There was a slight delay in the collection so this delayed us further.

It wasn’t until about 10:30 that we finally got the equipment assembled in the studio. I was quite anxious at this time because this was a substantial amount of my booking time gone. I explained this to my crew who were extremely understanding and collaborative and the actors also understood, so we got to work with great efficiency.

We set up all the lights and I got the opinions of plenty of people on set who were interested in the visuals. The studio lights were very helpful because we could manoeuvre them to suit our needs and considering this is meant to be set-up like a studio interview, it was easy to get the look I was going for.

Overall, the filming process went as smoothly as I could have realistically hoped. I mainly put this down to the shot-list I created and the vivid visual idea that I had in my head. The organisation with room for creative improvisation was incredibly refreshing and I really learned to appreciate the usefulness of having details down in front of you as you work.


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